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Wednesday, June 6th Ersatz Free Trials link →

Daniel Jalkut:

While I’ve enjoyed many of the upsides of the Omni approach, I’ve also had the opportunity to really appreciate the many downsides. You might say it’s “a pretty sweet solution” for offering free trials.

I think it’s particularly important, in the face of all the celebration this week about Apple’s perceived changes to the App Store, to appreciate all the many ways in which this solution falls short of what many developers still hope for: bona fide support for real free trials in the App Store.

It would be nice to have better guidance from Apple on this, or even a StoreKit / iTunes Connect API for free trials. It feels a little odd and loose that their guidance is basically just as follows:

Non-subscription apps may offer a free time-based trial period before presenting a full unlock option by setting up a Non-Consumable IAP item at Price Tier 0 that follows the naming convention: “14-day Trial.”