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Tuesday, Feb. 14th

DC Rainmaker: Apple Watch 2 Run Pacing is Dismal link →

While I was initially pretty excited when I got my original Apple Watch, it quickly became apparent that it would not be accurate enough for me to use in any running races.

Unfortunately, looking at this video, it doesn't look like things have changed with the Apple Watch 2. If Apple (and Nike for that matter) want to be serious about running this will need to be drastically improved. Taking over a minute for "live" pacing to update makes it unusable.

Getting my marathon PR at St. George required absolute trust in the data my Garmin Fenix 3 was displaying. I would not have been able to get a 3:49:59 running with a watch as inaccurate as the Apple Watch 2 is in the video above.

Related: the night before the Apple Watch 2 was released, I wrote down some thoughts on the Apple Watch and the Garmin Fenix 3.