I am passionate about many things. Some of which include photography, motorcycles, design and discovering craftsmanship.

Some of the projects I have documented here: Kawasaki KLR 650 Rebuild.

Wednesday, Oct. 28th

"This week, for the first time since it debuted in 2007, the Apple TV will welcome native games. But games are far from the only first for Apple's new set-top box. Behind the scenes, apps will run on an aggressive, intelligent operating system called tvOS. In many ways, tvOS is a radical rethinking of the fundamental nature of operating systems and our relationship with them. And because of that, its rules and limitations look odd."

Tuesday, Oct. 13th

“They are all computers,” [Phil Schiller] says. “Each one is offering computers something unique and each is made with a simple form that is pretty eternal. The job of the watch is to do more and more things on your wrist so that you don’t need to pick up your phone as often. The job of the phone is to do more and more things such that maybe you don’t need your iPad, and it should be always trying and striving to do that. The job of the iPad should be to be so powerful and capable that you never need a notebook. Like, Why do I need a notebook? I can add a keyboard! I can do all these things! The job of the notebook is to make it so you never need a desktop, right? It’s been doing this for a decade. So that leaves the poor desktop at the end of the line, What’s its job?”

Tuesday, June 30th

Thursday, Feb. 26th

The more I read about Jony Ive, the more I wish I could get coffee with him and talk about design and cars.

Wednesday, Feb. 11th

"The car came from Jupiter, Florida, a suburb of Miami. It was on the early 911S registry and fit the bill for exactly what Bobby was looking for. 'The car had an 8.5:1 3-liter in it that was fine but really, it was a little bit of a dog. The paint was good from 20 feet but it was cracked in the paint on the roof.'"

A Gorgeous Porsche

Wednesday, Feb. 11th

"Our conscious minds want to draw one shape, but our eyes need to see another. Part of typeface design is managing this eternal friction between logic and optics. It’s always there, no matter the style."

Shape Comparison

Wednesday, Feb. 4th

"To move beyond the routines of stereotypical web design, you need to become adept in a wide array of tools and methods, and use the right one at the right time."

Thursday, Dec. 11th

There's some great design thinking and motion in here. I'm not a fan of the click+drag interaction on desktop, but overall it's probably one of the better Material Design™ executions I've seen.

Monday, Dec. 8th

Really nice juxtaposition of the design decisions the Google Maps and Apple Maps teams made.

Monday, Dec. 8th

The videos that Blood Knots are putting out are pretty high quality. This is a short teaser from their upcoming project "Our Two Hands" that was funded with Kickstarter.

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd

I've always been blown away by the opening sequence of Alien. The typography of it is just amazing, and at least for me, sets a lot of the tone for the movie.

Alien Sequence

Wednesday, April 30th

If anyone ever asks what the definition of craft is, have them watch this.

Friday, April 18th

In the second installment of the XT500 project, I work on getting the sprockets, chain and tires up to snuff.

Wednesday, April 16th

There's something about this growing trend of basing custom bikes off of dirt bikes that really clicks for me. But honestly, I wouldn't have expected anything less from the fine folks at Deus.

Tuesday, April 15th

"If you want a shot at building a successful motorcycle business, I believe you need three traits: Creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. All three. And although we’re talking about bike building, these traits probably apply to any form of self-employment. (And life in general.)"

Friday, April 11th

Fantastic photography of their builds.

Friday, April 11th

So far, I have done a terrible job documenting this XT500. I have already had it for a few months… Here's the first installment.

Wednesday, Aug. 14th

Monday, Aug. 12th

Seems that my old stomping ground of northern Michigan is pretty safe.

Monday, Aug. 12th

"Sites like Facebook and Google Plus have all sorts of features for uploading and sharing photos from all sorts of devices. For us, it’s really easy to share things. Snap a photo on your phone, click share, done. She, on the other hand, still emails me all of her photos."

Tuesday, June 11th

"Part of being a good designer is having a hatred for inconsistencies, so I take the interface’s unevenness to mean a hurried timeline, rather than an unawareness of the inconsistencies."

Tuesday, June 11th

"iOS 7 is not perfect; this new design framework will evolve and improve over time, just like iOS’s original aesthetic did. But it’s a conceptual foundation that corrects all of the excesses of the original iOS aesthetic."

Tuesday, June 4th

"Give every Twitter user a brush and they will paint you the world — if they geotag their Tweets."

Tuesday, May 21st

Easily preview iOS icon designs on your iPhone or iPad. I'm really happy that someone made this.

Tuesday, May 21st

Pretty inspirational. It would be absolutely insane to be apart of something like Tumblr from the beginning; seeing it grow into the huge site that it is now.